Things break, it’s inevitable. Floor tiles crack and bathroom fixtures break down over time. The worst thing to do when you see something around the house begin to malfunction is wait until the damage becomes worse. When your home is in need of repair, problems can be quickly rectified by one of our professional employees.

We can do it all!

Whether you need remodeling, repairs or maintenance work...

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Deck & Patio Repairs
Door Repairs
Grout Repairs
Window Repairs
Gutter Repairs
Electrical Repairs

Siding & Wall Replacement
Outdoor Home Repairs
Siding Pressure Washing
Flooring Repairs
Kitchen Repairs & Remodels Bathroom Repairs & Remodels

Water Extraction
Flood Damage
Garage Door Services
Tile Installation & Repairs
Painting & Wallpaper
Custom Drywall Services

Our handyman services include:

Our home repair services can save you the time and money it would otherwise cost to find and install a replacement for your broken fixtures and household items. 

When stuff breaks, we fix it

Allow us to demonstrate the spectacular service and quality that has kept us in business in Cleveland for over 30 years.

We pair our handyman skills with outstanding customer service to create long-standing relationships with our clients.

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If you’re looking to sell your home but need to fix a few things first,
Neatnics is here to help!

Did you know Neatnics is well known for prepping homes to get on the market?

Martha, Shaker Heights

Neatnics has tackled a variety of jobs for me, including installing Nest thermostats, ceiling light fixtures, window hardware, drapes, and a wooden fireplace mantel. They also repaired broken outside faucets, cleaned out my garage & basement, power washed my patio, and more. Each and every time, they’ve exceeded my expectations and then some.